Saturday, June 22, 2013

Don't Be an Angry Bird

"When I Feel Angry"

This lesson came from The Home Teacher's website. I used the free downloads she posted on her website to implement during my lesson on anger management. The students and I discussed each Angry Bird and how we could learn a lesson from their types of negative behavior.

I used these pencil toppers I found at Walgreens as puppets for the lesson and to discuss each individual bird and their characteristics.
We discussed, as a class, the positive ways to deal with anger and to use "Cool Down Strategies" when someone or something made them angry.
The book I chose to read for this lesson was "When I Feel Angry", which is a story about a bunny that experiences things that make her mad and she learns how to deal with that anger without hurting anyone.
For fun, I brought a set of plastic eggs in a basket with me to the lesson. I also brought my iPad to incorporate a game for the students to play. During the activity, an Angry Bird was thrown to one of the students. The student who caught the Angry Bird, brought it back to me and exchanged it for an egg that was in my basket. When the egg was opened, there was a question inside. The question asked the student how he/she would deal with a situation that made them angry. If the student answered it correctly, he/she had a chance to play a game of Angry Birds for the class on the iPad. The kids really enjoyed this part! As an added bonus, one of the eggs in the basket was a prize egg. The student who pulled the prize egg did not have a question inside. Instead, the strip of paper inside their egg said, "Prize". The student who picked this egg got to choose between a set of Angry Bird stickers or a pack of Angry Bird gummies. This was a great extension to the lesson and a fun way to wrap up our discussion.


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