Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Following Directions

Following Directions Activity

Before starting the game, collect two bags of Legos. Each bag needs to be filled with the same size and shape Legos for this activity.

One child builds something with their Legos, and then he/she has to explain to their partner how to build the same structure by giving clear directions. (Their partner is not allowed to look at the structure until all the directions have been given. At that point, the two can compare how well they did communicating with one another.) This activity can be done with paper and stickers, as well.
Whole Group Instruction: I have also used this activity as a whole group lesson. After drawing a simple picture on to a piece of paper, I select a random student from the class and give him/her detailed instructions of what he/she needs to draw on to the Promethium so that their final picture will look like the one I had drawn. The outcome is always interesting, and I have learned a lot about communicating what I want/need from my students just by simply giving better instructions.

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