Thursday, August 15, 2013

QR Codes

Staying Connected with QR Codes

This is a bulletin board idea I found on Pinterest the other day that I fell in love with and wanted to share. It is a display of QR Codes in the hallway for parents, grandparents, students, visitors, etc. that are interested in receiving more information about the school and related topics. This would be a great idea to use for "Meet the Teacher Day", "Open House" or through out the school year! 
This is also another fabulous pin that I found on Pinterest. I will be using this idea in the front office of my school as another avenue of staying connected with my parents and students. 


You can create a QR Code by clicking this link.  This site allows you to generate codes for websites, important phone numbers, contact information, or you can even generate a code that will send a free text. Pretty cool, huh?!? There is an option for you to "Save" your QR Codes so that you can upload them later when you are ready to print them for display.


That's right... You can even create a QR Code that speaks! How awesome is that?!? If you'd like to try it out, go to this link. You simply type in what you want the code to say and it generates a code for you. If you have a QR reader app. on your phone/iPad, try it out by listening to this code! :-)

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