Monday, October 28, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week 2013

All I can say is, "WOW!" What a wonderful Red Ribbon Week we had at Gulf Shores Elementary School! Here are just a few things we did this week that I will be discussing in my long overdue blog!
  • Dress Out Days
  • Estimation Jar with Drug Free items
  • "Pennies for Puppies" Collection
  • Drug Free Photo Booth
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Instagram Account


MONDAY - "Band Together Against Drugs"(Everyone wore red bandanas with a white shirt and jeans.)
TUESDAY - "Join the Fight Against Drugs" (Everyone wore their camouflage.) 
WEDNESDAY - "Our Future is Too Bright to Use Drugs" (Everyone wore yellow shirts and their sunglasses.)
THURSDAY - "Team Up Against Drugs" (Everyone wore their favorite team colors.)
FRIDAY - "Proud To Be Drug Free" (Everyone wore red.)


Each day there were different "Drug Free" items in the Estimation Jar. Some of the items included; tattoos, mints, suckers, rubber ducks, pens/pencils, etc. Each class turned in their class guess every day  by 1:30, and the class that guessed the correct number of items or the closest won the prizes in the Estimation Jar and they received recognition over the intercom each morning for being the winners!


"Pennies for Puppies" is a campaign that partners with Baldwin County Schools, and it's goal is to raise money for the purchase of a new dog for the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office. The hope is to raise $14,000, which is about what it would cost to purchase a new dog that can help with drug investigations. 
Since Alabama and Auburn football teams are the biggest rivals in the state of Alabama, we decided to make the campaign a little fun by adding some competition to it. Each day, students had a choice to put their money in either the Alabama jug or the Auburn jug. Each day we announced who won the competition for that day. Auburn won two days and Alabama won three days out of the week. Together, Auburn and Alabama fans raised $427.00! Way to go, Gulf Shores Elementary School!


I must say, this was probably the biggest hit of all for the week! We had our first "Drug Free Scavenger Hunt" at Gulf Shores Elementary School, and the kids loved it! Each teacher had a bag, which included; directions with a post-it note, a piece of chalk, a set of QR code clues and a set of Red Ribbon pledge stickers. 

The scavenger hunt took them to several locations! Here were the places each class had to visit; 

1. My Mailbox

Together, each class had to think of a different "dress out" day for next year during Red Ribbon Week. The class wrote their ideas on the post-it note I provided and stuck it in my mailbox. We received MANY GREAT IDEAS from each class! The 2013 Red Ribbon Leader and our school principal will use the ideas that were given during the scavenger hunt to create our "dress out" days for next year! 

2. Red Ribbon Wall

The next stop at their scavenger hunt was the "Drug Free Pledge Wall". Each student took their sticker they had signed in class and placed it on the wall to pledge they would live a drug free life!

3. Drug Free Photo Booth

The third place students went on their scavenger hunt was the "Drug Free Photo Booth". The backdrop was provided, as well as, silly glasses and photo booth props. 

4. Drug Free Chalk Message

For their fourth stop, each class was asked to write a drug free message somewhere on the sidewalk for others to see! Each message was different and unique and you could find these messages all over our school property on the sidewalks!
Mrs. Altmyer's Class left a Spanish "Drug Free Message" for our Spanish speaking population!

5. Open the Locker and You Get a Prize

For the fifth and final clue, students were asked to walk to the middle school (which is right next door) and find locker number 503. They were given the combination and when they opened it, they found their surprise, which were their red, drug free bracelets. 


We set up a Red Ribbon Instagram Account for our parents and community to see how we celebrated the week! If you'd like to see our pictures, look us up on Instagram by searching "RRWeek". 

Ms. Waggoner and I "mustache" you a question! 

Are you drug free? ...It's the way to be! 


  1. Oh, my gosh you did an awesome job. That was a lot to put together! Good Job

    1. Thank you so much! :) The kids had a lot of fun on their RRW Scavenger Hunt!


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