Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sometimes It Just Takes ONE! 

The purpose of this lesson is teach children how to be an "upstander" in a bullying situation.
I started the lesson by drawing this diagram on the board. We talked about how Bullying can involve many people and how we can go from being a Bystander to an Upstander!

After discussing the diagram, I showed my students this quick video created by The NED Show! If you have not had The NED Show visit your school, you are missing a real treat! This show is entertaining and fun and it teaches students to Never give up, Do your best, and Encourage others. The presenter teaches this message through magic tricks, student participation, yo-yo tricks and pep talks.  
For more information about The NED Show, click here.

For a FREE copy of The NED Show's lesson plan guide that goes along with the video I posted, click here. 

After watching the video and discussing the steps to being an upstander, I read the book, "One" by Kathryn Otoshi. If you have not read this book to your kids, yet, it's a must! Every single class that I read this book to stay glued to it until it was over. If you do not have a access to this book, you can also watch the video of Kathryn Otoshi reading it to an audience as students reenact the book.  VERY CUTE!

To end the lesson, we played "Bully Bingo" that our school purchased with counseling funds.

If you are interested in purchasing a pack of 30 Bully Bingo cards like the one above for your school, the cost is only $17.95. Here is the link to order your set. 

I let the students use "Smarties" to cover up their spaces on the Bingo board. Once the game was over, the students were able to eat their "Smarties" as their prize for listening, participating and for working on their "upstanding" qualities!

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